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Wooden Grill Scraper - Bottle Opener

Wooden Grill Scraper - Bottle Opener

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Our wooden grill scrapers are made from locally sourced Ash, Cedar or Oak finished with food safe mineral oil. At around 14" long, 4" wide and 1" thick they are sized to comfortably reach all areas of your grill. Also, a built-in bottle opener is included to open the beverage of your choice.

As you may have heard there has been an uptick of people visiting hospital ER's for injuries due to ingesting wire bristles from the conventional brush type scrapers. Our wooden scraper is designed to prevent such injuries while still being effective for cleaning grill grates. 

To customize the scraper set your grill on high heat (500 Plus works best) to form the grooves. Holding the scraper at approximately 45 degrees simply work it back and forth over the hot grates using slow firm pressure. Try to ensure that you stay on the same grates the whole time while forming so that only one set of grooves are made. After a few minutes you should see grooves forming on the scraper which matches pattern of your grill. Once the grooves have been formed, they will continue to get deeper with every use.

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