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Wilder Wood Butter - 2 oz.

Wilder Wood Butter - 2 oz.

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Preserve-Protect-Rejuvenate your cutting boards with our Wilder Wood Butter. A blend of Natural Beeswax and Mineral Oil that we make in house. It is food safe and will help protect your cutting boards and other wood kitchen tools from damage caused by moisture. Keeping them in good shape will help them to last for a long time while maintaining the original beauty of the wood. You only need to use a small amount at a time, about once a month or so depending on how dry the wood surface is. 

Directions: Using a soft cloth, rub a small amount onto your wood cutting boards, bowls and other wood utensils. Let it soak in overnight then use a clean cloth to remove any excess while buffing and shining. 

Our Wilder Wood Butter is a really nice add-on with our cutting boards, especially when giving as that special gift. 

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